What is CBT and how does it work?

CBT’s main philosophy is that throughout our lives we develop certain beliefs about who we are, how we view other people (and how they view us), as well as how the world in general treats us. These beliefs determine our emotions at any one moment and the way we behave when we experience these emotions.

When a person feels stuck and unable to achieve their goals, from a CBT perspective, it is their thoughts and actions that stop them from being able to move forward.

Therefore, in therapy sessions we work together to identify unhelpful beliefs (in the present or developed in the past) and the unhelpful behaviours that often stem from them. We then collaboratively develop new ways of thinking in order to feel healthy emotions and behave in ways that are problem solving in nature.

CBT is not simply “positive” thinking. It is about learning to view situations realistically and behave in new ways that are constructive in nature.


  • All sessions are 45 minutes long
  • I am fully insured and registered
  • Cbt Is an evidence based talking therapy where the emphasis is on collaboratively exploring thoughts and behaviours to change them from unhelpful to healthy and constructive.
  • Emphasis is on work in and out of the session to optimise the results