Lets take the first step together

Each case is unique and cognitive behaviour therapy is
tailored to help you and your individual needs

By identifying negative thought and behaviour patterns that fuel unhealthy emotions, we can work together to develop healthy beliefs and constructive behaviours using new techniques that help you move towards your goals.

CBT has been widely researched and proven to help in a wide range of psychological and physical health conditions in adults, young people and children.

Take the first step today to gain new skills and confidence in order to achieve your goals.

What my clients say

I will be forever grateful for the truly life changing support and guidance I have received from Joanne. Her professional, yet friendly manner allowed me to relax and feel safe


More than anything, what Jo has in abundance is trustworthiness. Whether she is listening or speaking, what you get from Jo is authenticity and 100% concentration. Every conversation builds trust and that is invaluable when it comes to the confidence of sharing what is really troubling you


We have seen a huge improvement in our daughter’s mental health, and Jo has also been there to support us, as her parents, when necessary. We honestly don’t know how we’d have all got through the last few months without her


Jo has enabled me to make significant changes in my life, that have enabled me to identify my positive qualities, develop a more compassionate approach to myself and recognise I won’t always get things right